By 2021, the development of offshore wind power in every country in Asia will be at different stages, and every country and every wind farm will face unique opportunities and challenges in realizing the potential of offshore wind power development. To be sure, the prospects for offshore wind power in Asia are very broad and have huge potential. Nowadays, China, Taiwan, India, Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam are all actively developing offshore wind energy in their local areas. Affected by regional policies, they also bring new opportunities to owners and developers of wind farms. A huge challenge. For example, in 2019-2021, China will usher in a "rush for installation", and the newly added grid-connected installed capacity in these three years will reach 10.8GW. Thereafter, the newly added grid-connected capacity in 2022 will drop 31% year-on-year compared with the previous year. In the face of reimbursements, how can project developers adjust their overall overall planning strategy to reduce costs while ensuring high-quality delivery of the project? Vietnam's offshore wind farm projects are highly competitive and the industry level is uneven. How to achieve the coordinated development of industries seeking common ground while reserving differences? What are the benefits of emerging policy trends in the offshore wind power markets in Japan and South Korea? How to seize opportunities in the future deep-sea market for the development trend of floating wind power technology? With the steady growth of new installed capacity, will the operation and maintenance market emerge suddenly?

With these questions in mind, the 4th Offshore Wind Asia Summit 2021…… will gather from domestic and foreign governments, offshore wind power developers, investors, EPC general contractors, design institutes, wind turbine manufacturers, offshore wind power construction and installation parties, and component suppliers. And wind power people from leading-edge technology providers and other units to discuss hot topics such as Asian emerging market dynamics, policy development trends, leading-edge technology development, and cost control paths. The OWA Organizing Committee sincerely invites you to attend this grand event and jointly promote the healthy and rapid development of offshore wind power. To contribute to a more beautiful blue sky! OWA2021, looking forward to discussing, building and win-win the future of offshore wind power with you!


Energy Transition Focus on Low Carbon-Opportunities and Challenges in the Asian Offshore Wind Power Market
Explore the integrated development of the offshore wind turbine industry and cost optimization paths
Focus On Deep-sea Wind Power Technology (floating special session)
The scale of offshore wind power industry is growing rapidly, exploring the path of healthy development-wind power operation and maintenance special session



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