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Moving the future of Low-carbon. Gauging the pulse of this ever-changing industry and grasping the latest and most advanced Technologies and Solutions.

For over 8 years, there has been no better place to meet everybody who's anybody in the field of the gas turbine. Joining us to engage with more than 500 industry experts from domestic and foreign of gas-fired power plants, industrial energy users, overall-unit manufacturers, design, research and development institutes for gas turbines and maintenance and operation service providers.

To discuss and analyze the pain points of the industry, and to promote the sound the healthy development of the industry! We look forward to your participation!

Previous Speakers


Deputy General Manager of Gas Turbine Department at Shanghai Electric Group Co.,Ltd


General Manager of Product Management and Application Department of Gas power Generation Division at GE

Yongfeng Sui

President of Industrial Turbine Research Institute at Hangzhou Steam Turbine Co., Ltd

Fengming JU

Deputy General Manager at Harbin Turbine Company Limited

Dayu Su

Deputy General Manager at Liaoning Fuan gas turbine Co., Ltd

Jian XU

Director of The Process Department at Dong Fang Turbine Co.,Ltd

Chenqin LI

Deputy General Manager at ENN Energy Power Technology (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd

Fuhua Yan

Technical director of power generation group at General Electric (China) Co., Ltd

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1) Interpretation of the gas turbine industry from a macro perspective;
2) Focus on the development and opportunities for the gas turbine in Asian market, and interpretation of policies in various places;
3) Faced with the ever-changing energy landscape, how could gas-fired power plants adjust their operation and maintenance strategies.

Gas Turbine Blue-paper & Awards Ceremony

With the supports of industrial big-data and through in-depth analysis, the document try to explore the law of the market, helping investment agencies stay synchronized with industrial trend, grasp the pattern of market competition and resolve developmental issues.


Focus on customers of power plants:solutions to improve operation efficiency and case sharing
1) Sharing of typical cases of gas-fired power plants: How to identify the optimal balance point between technical iteration, environmental protection and economic development, so as to break the normal state of slim margins;
2) Achieve carbon integration and hydrogen-premixed combustion? Cost-saving through integration with wind power and photoelectricity, Prospect;
3) Efficient and advanced gas-fired power generation projects-Operation status and experience sharing of West Nagoya Power Plant;
4) How to achieve low carbon, emission control and fuel control in gas turbine power plants? (All the power plant users in the parallel sessions will discuss topics in groups);
5) Case-sharing analysis of how to upgrade and modify the units to cut costs and improve efficiency(All the power plant users in the parallel sessions will discuss the topics in groups).


Focus on Overall-unit Manufacturing: development and Future Design of Overall Units (Comprehensive Solutions, Components, Materials and High-temperature materials)
1) Technical breakthroughs and application scenarios of GE's latest H-type gas turbine;
2) Innovation and practice of Ansaldo GT36 Gas Turbine;
3) Design and Technical Challenges of MHPS hydrogen mixed fuel Gas Turbine.


Focus on MRO Operation and Maintenance, Industrial Solutiofor Gas Turbine
1) Timeline for the marketization of operation and maintenance;
2) Design and maintenance of high temperature components of heavy-duty gas turbine;
3) Condition monitoring and fault detection technologies of gas turbines;
4) Analysis of hot end components and extension of service life.


Previous Exhibitors

  • Liaoning Fu-An Gas Turbine Co.,Ltd.

  • Shanghai Shuangmu Radiator Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

  • Olympus (Beijing) Sales & Services Co., Ltd.

  • Suzhou Qianji Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Beijing Ander Technologies

  • Harbin Xinrun Industrial Co., Ltd.

  • VFK Fluid Control Co., Ltd.

  • Suzhou Double Gold Industrial Co., Ltd.

  • CLET

  • 浙江创想节能科技有限公司

  • 雪佛龙(中国)投资有限公司

  • 北京博华安创科技有限公司

  • 南高齿集团

  • 苏州倍丰激光科技有限公司

  • 上海胤舜密封技术有限公司

  • 南京消防器材股份有限公司

  • 北京韦林意威特工业内窥镜有限公司

  • 哈尔滨鑫润工业有限公司

  • Ningbo Zhongyuan Advanced Materials Technologies Co., Ltd.

  • GF Machining Solutions Limited

  • SCHAAF (Taicang) Co. Ltd.

  • XiongMing Aviation Industry(Wuhu)Co.Ltd.

  • Shanghai DYDTEC Combustion Equipment Co., Ltd.

  • 西安翔鹏航空科技有限公司

  • SLM Solutions

  • Hangzhou Shenshi Energy Conservation Technology Co.,Ltd.

  • 南京辉锐光电科技有限公司



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